Jun 07



(Bounty Day on Norfolk Island is the Anniversary of Pitcairn Landing on Norfolk Island on the 8th of June 2016. The Pitcairners were the descendants of the infamous English sailors of mutiny (rebellion) on the Bounty fame and the Tahitian women who, under their leader Fletcher Christian began a new life on isolated Pitcairn Island.  After outgrowing tiny Pitcairn the community, Queen Victoria gave Norfolk Island to the 8 island families, 194 islanders arrived on the Morayshire in 1856.)



IN 1789 the infamous sadist Bligh was in command of H.M.S. Director and became caught up in a chain-reaction mutiny involving the entire fleet of Nore. Bligh was relieved of his command and put ashore.

NORFOLK ISLAND—Not Mutiny(proven)…but rebellion against tyranny

History now reveals that Norfolk Island descendants as decent folks who had no choice but to rebel against the malevolence of their ship’s Captain, William Bligh. They were exonerated for their rebellion and never found guilty of Bligh’s charge of Mutiny. This is the fact of the matter. They were give Pitcairn Island and later Norfolk Island by Queen Victoria to make amends.
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Jun 06

Recolonisation Rebellion


Norfolk Island is reeling under a broad array of social, economic and cultural impacts of a quiet invasion and attempt to culturally destroy the island. This video explains the situation:


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Jun 04

Radio Free Norfolk—restoring the Community voice


“Norfolk Island is under siege by the Australian Government. The only radio station on Norfolk Island and funded by the Island, has been taken over by the Australian Administrator. The volunteer staff have been removed and replaced by Australian Government controlled staff.

Talk-back radio, community, religious and political broadcasts have been banned. This leaves the people of Norfolk Island without a voice. There is also a blanket over all broadcasts from Norfolk Island. Our radio link to the outside world has also be cut.

The community and Council of Elders of Norfolk Island urgently need to communicate with each other and with the outside world.

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Jun 03

THE VIGIL—a sit-in at Tent City

DAY 37 Afternoon tea time in "tent city" on Norfolk Island.

DAY 37 Afternoon tea time in “tent city” on Norfolk Island.

The “tent city”, sometimes called the “tent embassy” was set up in the former Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly compound on April 27th 2016, following a public meeting held in the area. The camp was a spontaneous response to the increasingly suppressive regime the Norfolk people have been experiencing at the hands of the Australian Commonwealth Government. Within hours tents were erected, to be joined by many more as the days went by. The “Embassy” also has a daytime and night time seating areas, a kitchen and a well stocked pantry. Many people bring down food and other supplies to help the cause, or call in for a cuppa and chat.

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May 24

PROOF: Letter of Proclamation from British Governor Denison to the Pitcairners.


(More important historical evidence for Norfolk Island. It is the crucial Letter of Proclamation from British Governor Denison to the Pitcairners.)

1856, June 25th-26th – Captain Stephen Fremantle arrived from Sydney onNorfolk Island and read out a Proclamation from Governor Denison to the assembled Pitcairners. The significance of this letter is that it became the unquestionable Land Grant with unalienable rights – applying to the whole Island – specifically to ensure that the land and Island remained in perpetuity the homeland of the Pitcairners.

The Proclamation above reads as follows:

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May 21

Norfolk National Anthem erased


The National Anthem of Norfolk Island— “Come Ye Blessed” unbeknownst to the people of Norfolk Island is subtly being erased and replaced on-line by the Australian Government with “Advance Australia Fair.

The only version on the internet has become inaccessible to the people of Norfolk—censored from the above link.

Listen to this beautiful rendition done by Slovak State Philharmonic in 2013.

(Now try and find any sung version on line…THEY ARE BEING REMOVED!)


May 21

A Message from the Heart… from Norfolk


Shared from the Norfolk Island “Angels and Eagles” Facebook Community

Ms Gai Brodtmann is currently the Labor member for the seat of Canberra.

This is the electorate in which eligible Norfolk Islanders will be obliged to vote in Federal elections on July 2nd. I say “eligible” because the day before, July 1st, a significant percentage of the adult population of the Island will become disenfranchised, including a number of ethnic Norfolk Islanders who call this place home.

Meanwhile a number of people who have never lived here will be allowed a local vote. Now Ms Brodtmann, in the most fanciful and creative revision of history I have ever come across, says that Australia is the “Motherland” of the Norfolk Island people. She is reading from the same propaganda page as (the Australian Government)  Administrator, who referred to the Norfolk people as Australia’s “lost tribe” waiting to be brought back into the fold.

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May 21

Norfolk Island IS a British Colony


The relevance of The “British Settlement Act” of 1887 on Australia’s current attempt at takeover of Norfolk Island.

Quote: “The crown has no power to amend the Constitutions of settled Colonies which had a Legislature prior to the Act.”

—Isaac Isaacs, Australian Attorney General (1931-36)

Pitcairn had Legislature, a Constitution and Imperial Seal prior to this Act. They brought this to Norfolk Island and as a result the British Governor of Norfolk Island, Governor Denison installed their laws and abolished those of Van Diemen’s Land (Australia). Norfolk Island became immediately a free British colony in accordance to the “British Settlement Act” of 1887.

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May 20

Norfolk Island lodges their case with the UN


The Norfolk Island People for Democracy are petitioning the United Nations to protect them from what they consider a takeover by the mainland Australian Government.

The Commonwealth of Australia has moved to close down the local legislature on June 30 and replace it with a new regional council under Australian law.

But the Norfolk Island People for Democracy devoted to democracy and the continuing independence from mainland Australia has turned to the UN to uphold their right to self-determination.

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May 19

How the Smallest Nation on Earth lost its Independence to Australian Bureaucratic Greed


2008 Two Rosenbauer Panther Crashtender Fire Engines were purchased by Norfolk Island Government for their Airfield.

How Norfolk’s Budget ended up in Deficit

Under the British Colonies Act 1887 Norfolk Island was given self-standing status as an independent Colony of the British Empire by Denison, the British Governor of Norfolk and Governor of what was to become Australia, as per the wishes of Queen Victoria.

Originally given to the Pitcairners as abandoned wastelands, this tiny Island over time became a thriving tourist destination. It formed a big brother relationship with Australia and maintained its own Constitution, government and judiciary—taking care of its people and its infrastructural development. It had been completely viable until the 2008/2009 Global Financial Crisis which caused a sudden 20% down turn in the Island’s revenue.

Unlike the States of Australia and other Australian territories like Christmas and Cocos Islands, Norfolk was denied access to any stimulus packages provided by the Australian Government because it was not officially a territory of Australia. As a result Norfolk Island and according to the terms of their formalised “Big Brother” Agreement with Australia of 1976, brought to the table five proposals some marketing, some fiscal to remedy their situation after the economic downturn caused by the Global Financial Collapse and the decrease of tourism to their Island.

For example Norfolk Island prior to the GFC had purchased 2 brand new fire engines for the Airport worth $2 million a piece. Commonwealth had agreed to do a lease-back arrangement with the Norfolk Island Government, which would have given them the much needed stimulus monies they needed. The Australian Government refused to agree to this or any of the other four proposals for their much needed market stimulus.

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